MoonFactor — crypto “moonshot” research application — past, present and future

About 4 months ago I built an application to help with my own investments into low market cap cryptocurrencies (MoonFactor). It was inspired through discussions on a subreddit and telegram group.

Looking for gems..

MoonFactor is in a fairly early state. The purpose: to effectively discover legitimate and significantly undervalued projects, ideally as early as possible. The idea being an extreme form of value investing.

The goal is to maximise the chance of investing into something which has the capacity to “moon”. This rough term is subjective. To some it could be 500% return on investment, to others it could be 10,000%. The point is that lower market cap coins have much more room to grow than their mature counterparts.

One major problem with this goal is that early projects carry a large degree of risk. ERC20 tokens which run on ethereum can be created by anyone, and can be done quickly and cheaply through copying, stealing or even legally forking opensource (free) code.

This noise combined with difficult to grasp technology and opportunistic investors has resulted in a perfect storm for shady types. This has resulted in a tremendous amount of exit scams (rug pulls) and, in reaction, services, coins and mechanisms to prevent it.

Though the site does not do much at present to indicate potential scams, this will be a serious investment going forward.

If you have ideas which might help us automatically detect potential scams get in touch!

First try

The initial challenge is to cut through the sheer noise and obtain a decent overview of projects based on certain filters.

Here’s an example of such an overview based on the default filter. Notice it lists stats on the social profile of coins, and those links can be clicked to go through to their respective channels on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Github. Each of the rows can be clicked to expand for further details.

Filters: market cap (100k -> 20m), 24h volume (more than $20k), sorted top gainers

Filters applied:

  • Market cap 100k -> 20 million
  • 24h volume more than $20k
  • Sorted to show top gainers

How can you use this to find decent coins?

The general advice is to build a shortlist of coins to research, then go through each, check their website, read their whitepaper, talk to them on Telegram, Discord, Twitter. Try to find out more about the team involved and their experience level. Bonus for locked liquidity and public team members.

Beyond that, you tell me! What tools would help you Do Your Own Research?

Current Features

  • Connect Wallet. This allows you to sign in and register (with an auto-generated username) using an authorised wallet you have access to in MetaMask. This is perfectly safe. The only data stored on the server is the wallet address linked to the unique username, and you only need to sign a message to prove you own a wallet. It gives the site no permission to do anything and MetaMask will prompt you every time.
  • Portfolio section. This automatically pulls your holdings based on a “verified” wallet you’ve used to sign in/register. No holdings are stored on the server and the data is presented in the same table you can view coins. This means you can apply filters to your portfolio to find particular groups (note the holdings column):
  • Group chat. Nobody uses this much at the moment. The idea is to expand this to help with collaborative research, linking to various coins/filters/wallets. I think most would rather use Telegram so it may be removed entirely in the future.

Future features

  • LOTS of API integrations! Working on Telegram and Twitter APIs to fetch announcements and news for different coins.
  • More data, more filtering, ability to save, switch and share different filters
  • Using wallet verification to build integrity in discussions. For example, people can optionally “prove” they own certain holdings. It can be used to prevent empty shilling or to group members for other purposes (verified whale chat).
  • How-To section to guide users of various experience levels in how to do sound research
  • New listings section for uniswap listings, new contracts on ethereum
  • Pricing charts (and possibly other charts! such as social profile data)
  • Wallet section with ability to filter and watch activity of different wallets
  • Collaborative research tools to help people team up and research projects for the rest of the community (this will likely be tokenised to credit community members to encourage deep research)

I hope others find some of this promising!

If you have feedback or want to get involved:

Website, Telegram, Facebook.

If you want to dox me:

LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora.

Happy hunting!


Hi! I'm a web developer, into self-education and cryptocurrency.